And another thing

To continue my little rant:

I am not an object for two people to fight over. If that’s how y’all are going to behave, then you can both get out of my life. I don’t need that right now.

I don’t know/care if you guys were joking. If you think that is a joke to act like another human being is some kind of prize, then leave. No one deserves to be treated as an object, and that’s exactly what you guys are doing.

End rant.

I seriously cannot sleep now after cleaning up all the dog barf.

How about I just don’t post anything else? It seems a few people *cough Jett, Audrey cough* aren’t able to interact without death threats (Audrey) and insulting the other (Jett). That post was supposed to be simple and me expressing my slip into insanity because of Urinetown. But never mind. No more personal posts for Caitlin regarding anything that could possibly go back to my friends.

"Isn’t it boring being on an all vegetable diet?"



you tell me

Dog barfing in the middle of the night?

Solution: my sister checking to make sure I’m okay after banging about the house for ten minutes